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Meet Women In Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles and being single is not so easy. Los Angeles is a city that has a night life, like nowhere else..

There are a lot of singles in Los Angeles who are local, and a lot who came form other state. Everyone always complains as to how hard it is to meet someone in Los Angeles; the city full of night life, attractions, gorgeous and romantic places.

All these great places are fantastic for parties and for entertainment, but unfortunately not for meeting quality people, or meeting your sole mate!

Even with all of its beauty, it is still so difficult to meet available singles in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles singles seem to be very different then the singles from other states. I think they have more pressure, because of the typical LA seen and facade of people everywhere they go. Singles in Los Angeles have to work even hard to try to impress each other, so it is no longer dating, it is competition, or just like a circus...

I have visited some of the popular places in west Los Angeles, to see how the singles in Los Angeles meet, mature and intelligent crowd of people trying to get together...

What I find with Los Angeles singles that both men and women are extremely isolated from each other, as though they do not want to meet at all.. You see the sparkle of interest on both "camps" (men and women), but not a lot of people just go for it.

So, everyone is waiting for something to happen, and it's just doesn't happen..Why?

If we have these places for singles in Los Angeles to go to, everyone goes with some kind of expectations, however both men and women kind of hold back..Nobody wants to be obvious! We all know why we are there, and what we came for..Right?

So, why to try to play hard to get..You do not have to go home with anyone, just casually meet people, see what is out there, you really never know what you are going get, or who you are going to meet.

I also realize that some single men in Los Angeles seem to be very insecure about approaching women, in the fear of coming across as lame and cheesy..

And some single women, in other hand, seem to be more aggressive and uninhibited,

They just "waive the guys in". Nothing wrong with that, we are an emancipated society and it is ok for women to be the first to approach the opposite sex.

So, because there is no specific structure to meet singles in Los Angeles, the dating migrated to the internet, to what we call online dating.

Both men and women feel more confident to write about themselves, and what they are looking for in the potential date. Online dating allows you to contact and communicate with the unlimited amount of members, you do not have to feel any kind of pressure or insecurity..You can view the person's profile,and figure out whether or not you want to meet this person, with out leaving your house.

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Dear Joseph,

I am a student and I wanted to know how to meet girls in the
most crucial areas with plenty girls. Here are the situations First: The Nightclub where the music is so loud, where there are too many people with little or no space to move, and the girls are dancing with themselves,. The main idea is that it is very hard and almost pointless to start a conversation in these areas. How do I do it?

Second: How do I meet girls who are walking along the street
maybe going somewhere. Like am in school, how do I meet a girl who is walking down maybe to her dorm or somewhere else. The point is where am from people do this to women all the time. But here in America, its almost considered weird b'cos you pop out of nowhere and shes not expecting it.

Finally, what do you do when a girl tells you she has a
boyfriend? should you leave her alon or continue your business on
getting her. What if she is totally in love with her boyfriend, how do you win her over?


***My Response:

Okay, I guess I'll try tackling each question in order...

First, Nightclubs ARE very difficult venues. Unless you're
specially suited to the party-style nightlife, these venues will be a bit daunting. And even if you are predisposed to this type of pick up, you will still have to deal with lots of competition from other men.

That said, it's not impossible to meet women in nightclubs. But it will require you to be a little more outgoing and aggressive than other venues.

First off, when I'm in a club, I tend to like to hang out in
open-air areas where I can talk to other people easier. Patios and right outside the club can be good for this. Most clubs will have some form of outdoor area where you can hang out -- especially places like New York and Los Angeles where you're not allowed to smoke inside.

The dance floor can also be quite effective. If you like to dance, go out there and try dancing with the women who are dancing by themselves. If they're not into it, move on. If they are, it's PLAY time! =)

Also, keep in mind the time at which you're going to the club.
Usually, the later it gets, the easier it is to pick up a girl
(this is because as it gets later, people are more pre-disposed to "hook up" due to alcohal, desperation, boredom, etc.).

Second, to approach women on the street takes a bit of finesse. In America, people do tend to be a bit more private than in other
parts of the world. My best advice in this respect is to actually
follow the girl for a bit and see where she's going. If she stops
off at a coffee shop or a bus stop, or whatever, THAT is the time
to approach her! If it looks like she's going someplace you can't
follow her into (like her home/dorm, for instance) then you'll have to take the chance and try approaching her cold. But make it a quick approach and include a time constraint ("I know you're on
your way somewhere, this'll only take a second..."), get her number as quick as you can, then move on.

Finally, when it comes to the "boyfriend" thing, that's a matter of personal taste. Some guys don't want to mess with that, others
don't care. The thing is, most women aren't THAT committed to their boyfriends, so it's not as big of an obstacle as you might think.

The important thing to do in this situation is to try and "read"
the woman. Sometimes, a girl will tell you she has a boyfriend when she really doesn't because she wants to politely reject you (and sometimes she really does have a boyfriend and wants to stay
faithful to him). If this is the case, you have to look at the
signals she's giving you to see if she's actually into you or not.

If a woman does like you and IS, in fact, into you, she will usually with-hold the fact that she has a boyfriend. And if she does bring it up, she wants you to take the lead and "sweep her off her feet" so she won't have to feel guilty about cheating on him. So when that's the case, it's time to pump up the agressiveness on your pick up.

Wishing you success!

Joseph Matthews

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If you're a single man or woman - and you'd like to meet some attractive women or men for dating, then one of your best strategies is to advertise yourself using powerfully written Online Personal Ads. I've been using the Online Personals for more than ten years to meet women on the Internet - and have heard from more than two thousand women worldwide. Online Dating has been an adventure in romance, world travel, and many exciting relationships. Let me show you how it's done and how YOU can succeed with online dating too!

Dating services also have their place of course, and in future articles I'll show you how to maximize your success with these services as well. But whether you use a paid dating service or not, the secret to your success with online dating is having well-written Online Personal Ads - and a very well-written Online Dating Profile. The guys with the best profiles meet the most interesting women - and the same thing goes for women meeting men. With effectively written ads, and a great Online Dating Profile, you'll have the best variety of women (or men) to choose from!

Today I'd like to start this article series by giving you some tips and advice on How to Succeed with Online Dating ads.

So let's get started!

If you'd like to learn how to meet sexy women on the Internet (or men) then it all starts with the personal contact you'll establish with your Online Personal Ads. Your ads should be alluring, provocative, and follow the fundamental rules of advertising. In other words, to meet sexy women on the Internet, your personal ads should:

1. Target your audience right in the headline

2. Convey reader benefits

3. Describe your best features, and

4. Include a "call to action."

Let's analyze each part of the winning formula, shall we?

Targeting Your Audience: By this I mean that exactly the type of woman (or man) you are looking for should "select themselves" by reading your personal ad. In other words, you want to not only attract the right respondents- but you also want to filter out the wrong ones!

Reader Benefits: What's in it for the reader? In other words, why should the reader answer your ad - what's the benefit of communicating with you and getting to know you better?

Describe your best features: By "best features" I mean your best qualities or winning characteristics. The difference between "Benefits" and "Features" can be summarized by the famous advertising slogan, "Sell the sizzle, not the steak!" The sizzle is the Benefit - and the eight-ounce slab of meat is the Feature.

Include a Call to Action: Every effective advertisement includes a "call to action" which means a request that the reader answer your ad! For example, "Write today and begin living the life you've been dreaming about!"

Here's an example of an effectively written Online Personal Ad. Can you identify the four marketing principles I've outlined above?

Local Man with a Soft Touch Searching for a Cultured, Sensitive Woman

I'm a tender-hearted man with the soul of a poet, wanting to connect, in a romantic sort of way, with an educated Santa Barbara woman. If you've made peace with the past... if you're settled into the present... and if you look forward to a comfortable future with a loving companion, I'd really enjoy hearing from you today.

I've got a twinkle in my eye, a warm soothing voice, and a very soft touch. And I haven't forgotten how to love... and hope you remember too!

Sex and romance are important to me... but of course (and to put your mind at rest) not on our first date. I'm more the subtle type, preferring a warm passionate kiss and a tender embrace to something you might see on very late night TV. Although there's a time and place for that too...

If an imaginative man with depth is more your cup of tea, then why not drop me a line and see where that leads us. And who knows - maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised at what develops...

Here are my requests: You're 40+ years old. Financially solid (and not needing me to support you) and you're emotionally stable with pleasant family ties either here or out-of-town. You're generally in good health, a non-smoker, enjoying perhaps a glass of wine from time to time - if that. You dress well, and can relax in jeans too. I'm not a marathon runner, but I'd love to join you for a beach walk from time to time - for sun and some fresh air. No mountain climbing or river rafting down the rapids; I'm more the PBS type, enjoying a relaxing conversation for its own sake rather than a frenetic lifestyle which would almost certainly wear me out. You're an avid reader, and don't rely upon gossip for the latest news. Please don't send me a lengthy questionnaire - can we discuss your dreams over coffee instead? You needn't be skinny, but please don't be heavier than me (and I'm 175 - that's my weight, not my I.Q. :). I'm not the competitive type either - just thought I'd throw that one in for good measure. I'm not much for sports and politics, but if you'd like to rant, I'll be happy to listen. Talk to me about psychology and self-improvement though, and I'll match you word-for-word any day of the week.

To drop me a line and say hello, just click on the link at the top of this page.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best wishes from...

A local gentleman in search of some gentle companionship and romance... someone to enjoy the sunset with at the end of the day...


The first thing you should notice is the Headline. Can you see how the headline effectively targets my ideal audience of cultured, sensitive women and conveys two benefits too? (I'm both "a local man" and I have "a soft touch.") The purpose of the headline is to also draw the reader into the ad.

In the first paragraph in the ad, can you see the "hooks" I've used to get the reader emotionally involved?

And then, in the following paragraphs, both Features and Benefits are described throughout. Notice too how I've continually qualified my audience to preselect the right women, while filtering out the wrong ones. In my "Requests" paragraph toward the end, I continually add the filters I've chosen for this ad (and they can vary from ad-to-ad of course) while at the same time adding more benefits, more features - and more emotional language leading to "the close" near the bottom.

In my Call to Action I tell the reader both how to respond to my ad, and I request a response too!

This is an example of advertising which uses the standard formula I've outlined above. The ad doesn't come across as "a formula" which makes it even more effective.

By following the tried and proven rules of advertising, Online Personal Ads can help you meet hundreds - if not thousands - of women or men you might otherwise never hear from. Keep in mind the marketing principles I've described above when you sit down to write your own ad. And have some fun with it too - your results may surprise you!

About the author --

Jay Reiss, M.S.W. is a Professional Online Dating Coach and has worked with more than two thousand clients worldwide since 1981. He's the author of five books on marketing and has written more than five thousand advertisements - many of which have been used for Online Dating. He's a regular contributor to a variety of publications and has been published in Woman's Own, Let's Live, Cosmopolitan, The Los Angeles Times, and many others. Jay infuses his Online Dating Ads with creativity, humor, and solid, proven marketing principles. Jay is a Certified Life Coach, based in Santa Barbara California.

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